Garth Ashford
Garth Ashford

Hi, my name is Garth Ashford.

I am a grief guide. I assist those who have suffered a loss in their lives to recover, rebuild and readapt. What I am most passionate about is helping people to reclaim their power.

Nearly 30 years ago, my 19-month-old daughter died in my arms. My journey has led me to this stage where I can now offer a program that can assist parents, brothers, sisters and friends the chance to find a level of acceptance and peace.

The journey is similar to that of a sailing adventure. Some winds are favourable; some not. This journey from ‘Grief Island’ to ‘Peace Island’ is taken at your speed. Whatever the winds offer you. To enjoy Peace Island, you need to stop and replenish at three smaller islands on the way: ‘Recovery Island’, ‘Rebuild Island’ and ‘Readapt Island’.

At each stop there are rituals, acknowledgements and learnings all sprinkled with courage. This journey gives you the ability to revive and survive.

I have worked with many and my new vocation is to offer a guide to all.


Upcoming Events

On Wednesday 25th July I will be running a “From Grief To Peace” workshop in Newcastle.

This evening is for people who are and were in grief. For people who no longer want to be at the whim of their emotions. For people who are ready to be free and want to come re-empowered.

Full proceeds from your ticket price will be passed on to our local Awabakal community to assist their youth.

To learn more about this workshop or to book your spot please click here.


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